Monday, 4 April 2016

My sister is running a half marathon for M.E. Research UK

During M.E. Awareness Week last year my sister began thinking about ways which she could raise money for M.E. research. She began to think about possibly running an event, but as she is not a runner it seemed like a really out there idea. She began running regularly to test the water, and by July had decided that she was going to run a half marathon! Since then a training schedule has been implemented, and she has been training hard. She has decided to run the Southampton half marathon, as this is where she is at university, now the date of the run is less than 3 weeks away and she is ready for the challenge!

Melanie has decided to run for ME Research UK because she would like all of the money raised to go towards developing a better understanding of the disease, which will hopefully lead to a cure one day. This will be my family’s main fundraiser for M.E. awareness week this year, which is the 11th-17th of May!

If you would like to read Melanie’s own words on why she is doing the run see her fundraising page here. Any donations will be much appreciated.

M.E. is an illness which is not yet scientifically understood, there is currently no affective treatment available and the disease is highly stigmatised.  For these things to change we need research, we have hope that change is possible, but we need your help.

Do you have any plans for M.E. awareness week or month?  Let me know what you are up to and I will help if I can!

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