Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fun things to do when you have M.E. Part 2

A few months ago I posted part 1 of fun thins to do when you have M.E. here is part 2!

Quality relaxation time

When your ill nothing is more of a treat than to be truly relaxed, but how do we achieve this when in pain or fatigued?  As sufferers of chronic illnesses we spend a lot of time resting and doing low energy activities, it can be difficult to switch into off mode.  Here is my list of the top three ways to find relaxation:

-Listening to a good radio programme or audio book.  There is nothing like the escapism that comes with it, especially when unable to leave the house.  It avoids the pain and possible overestimation of watching a screen.

-Using essential oils to create positivity and calmness.  I use a lot of Lush products they are filled with natural oils, they usually say on the description which mood they are intended to create.  I have started to build up a collection of aromatherapy oils, they are so good for all sorts of natural remedies and nothing can beat the real deal, I usually use lavender to help me sleep.

-Sunlight.  In the summer I like to lie outside in the sun, the natural endorphins caused by sunlight are sure to lift the spirit, and I can never be too warm!  ...Its not the right time of year for that thought!  In the winter I still like to try and get outside and feel the breeze against my skin as long as it's mild.  At home there is a lovely park bench that I like to sit on, I have't quite found anywhere in Exeter yet. 

The mini Comforter from Lush


This is the only thing on the list that I haven't actually done.  It's something that I wishes I had done when I was housebound, as I think it would have helped a lot.  Now whilst I am at uni it is impossible.  A lot of my M.E. friends enjoy snuggling up with their pets, and find them to be a great source of comfort on bad days.  It is common for people get pets once they have become ill, as it is a good way to combat loneliness.  The only problem is that they do require having someone to look after them, preferably someone who doesn't require care themselves!

A friend's pet

Simple crafts

There are so many great crafts, card making, jewellery making, cross stitch, knitting, crochet etc...
Many of these can be done whilst sat in bed, and make great gifts.  Craft kits are a good way to get started, they have all of the parts inside, saving on time and energy traipsing around to find all of the components.  I will never forget receiving a cross stitch kit in a Secret Santa and thinking what an amazing gift for a person with M.E!

For a while me and my sister used to go to a local art store to paint pottery.  It would usually be to celebrate a birthday, or as a treat during the holidays.  It was just about manageable for me, and great alternative to some of the other "high energy" celebration options.

As it has become obvious on this blog, I am quite partial to knitting!

Visit an indoor shopping centre

They are a comfortable temperature which save on energy, and all of the shops are in one place rather than spread all over the high street.   Its especially fun to go to these places when there are seasonal decorations!

For wheelchairs users shopping outdoors can be a real chore with curbs and uneven footpaths; malls have smooth surfaces making it easier for both the carer and the person in the chair.  The layout is generally more spread out, avoiding that awful scenario of having to push through narrow shopping aisles or heavy crowds.  Most indoor shopping centres have a shop mobility centre where wheelchairs can be hired with a deposit which is what I always do! 

This isn't the best example, because it has stairs in, but its all I have.

What do you do to treat yourself?


  1. I love this little series of posts Jenny. There are some lovely ideas here. I've not really used essential oils before but this is something I will definitely consider :) I'm a big fan of an audiobook too- there's nothing better sometimes that getting cosy and listening to someone else tell you a great story. I find guided meditations another really great way to get some quality relaxation time in too.

    1. Aw Faye you're so sweet, thank you for your comment! I really need to try guided meditation. I have seen Meg and Hayley write about it on their blogs! Hope you're having a lovely day! :) x


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