Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why am I writing this blog?

I don't know if this is something I will keep up with, but as it is M.E. awareness week I am feeling inspired.  I always knew there must be lots of M.E. bloggers out there, but it hasn't been until this year that I have found a few that I can relate too.  Finding these bloggers has inspired me to start my own.

I am in need of a space to help me organise my thoughts.  As a university student it is easy to be swept up by everything else going on around me.  If I am not careful I find myself gradually comparing my ability to others, and expecting to be able to keep up with them.  Away from home there is no one to remind me of my limits and the fact that I am different to my course mates.  I need to learn to do this myself and I think one good way is to write about it.

I have really benefited from reading other peoples stories and finding out how they cope with their long term health problems.  I have no qualms with sharing, and the thought that other people may benefit from my posts is a nice one.

I also intend for this blog to be a place that I can point people to if they would like to find out more abut M.E. and how it has affected my life.

Photography by Sarah H


  1. I always think it must be really difficult to manage a condition like ME while you are studying and in a university environment. I am sure that others in similar situations will benefit from you sharing your story through your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more :)
    PS. Love the background... it's ever so pretty!


    1. Thanks Faye! :) I do worry that some people may be upset if they find that they aren't able to do some of the things I can. My health has improved a lot over the years, and I don't want to make anyone feel worse about themselves than they already do. Hopefully people will understand.
      Your blog is beautiful! Far superior to mine!
      Thanks for giving me my first comment! :)


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