Tuesday, 5 January 2016

De Vaccinerede Piger A Documentary

A few months ago I watched the fascinating documentary De Vaccinerede Piger which translates as the vaccinated girls in English.

It tells the story of girls who developed M.E. like symptoms after receiving the HPV vaccine in Denmark. It certainly provided food for thought and I can relate to their experiences. Many of them do not have a firm diagnosis which leaves them without much help, and of course distorts statistics.

The M.E. puzzle is a complicated one and although the documentary only discusses some of the issues surrounding M.E. it is very interesting all the same. It also uses several names for the symptoms/illnesses that the girls have, I don't think that the actual name is important here, essentially they all have the same or similar symptoms. The definition and diagnosis of M.E, CFS, POTS, PVFS and more are all so vague they are hard to distinguish between. The important thing is that the girls all have the same group of symptoms and type of illness (most likely autoimmune).

I have embedded the documentary here increase anybody is interested in watching it, I am certainly glad that I did. The film has English subtitles and is just under 40 minutes.

I also became ill after a vaccination, and was very sporty at the onset of my illness. Many other people with M.E. have said the same thing. I have also tested positive for Glandular Fever antibodies, my doctor thinks that Glandular Fever may have been part of the onset of my M.E. although we don't know exactly when I had it.

Obviously not everyone who develops M.E. (or a related illness) does so after a vaccination, however I do think that there is something going on here which requires more investigation. 

I was unsure whether to share my view on this topic, because I only know as much as the next person, but I will in case anyone thinks that I am anti vaccination. I believe that vaccinations are safe in healthy people who are not predisposed to an autoimmune condition. I think that in the future we will check for underlying viruses such as Epstein-Barr and insist that people take a break from strenuous activity before and after the time of vaccination. Of course vaccinations are lifesaving and should not be stopped.

Let me know what you think about this, it is an interesting one!

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